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The Economics of Programming Languages
Evan Czaplicki
Strange Loop 2023
Elm Philosophy
Making a game with Elm and Lamdera
Martin Stewart
Func Prog Sweden
Yet another way to manage shared state in Elm SPAs
Jeremy Brown
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Elm Radio - Episode 96
Dec 4, 2023
We discuss Elm's strengths and weaknesses for optimizing bundle size, and how find and fix your app's bundle size bottlenecks.
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Elm Town - Episode 75
May 28, 2024
Taylor Troesh recounts his trip across the stack, from the front to the back and back again. Along the way, he divulges his custom operator confession. He currently works at Replenysh using Elm for sustainability.
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Articles and Discussion Liikennematto devlog #5: renovation and release A wrap-up of several years of development and the alpha release of Liikennematto. Tools and Projects Basic Elm support added to nvim-treesitter-context Vincent Jousse has added basic Elm support to nvim-treesitter-context, an alternative to context.vim.
Tue, 28 May 2024
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A fun way to create pictures, animations, and games.
Wed, 29 May 2024 11:08:29
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A set of rules for installing code in an existing Elm project.
Tue, 28 May 2024 18:00:48
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UI Widgets we use at NRI
Tue, 28 May 2024 14:58:33