About Elmcraft

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Planted Jan 16, 2021 - Last tended Oct 5, 2023
Elmcraft is an unofficial endeavour, curated by a bunch of people who love and use Elm
Our goal is for Elmcraft to be the
official unofficial
place for all things Elm.
There is a wealth of projects, initiatives, knowledge, and people in the Elm community. Elmcraft is a map to help you find your way.


Elmcraft.org is a curated set of content using a
Digital Garden
Gardens are imperfect by design. They don't hide their rough edges or claim to be a permanent source of truth.
Though we are striving towards a beautiful and well tended garden!


Elmcraft uses the following markers on certain content pages to help with context:
: rough and early content, draft or notes
: content that's mostly cleaned up and clarified
: content that's reasonably complete, and tended to over time
If you find a content page without a marker, assume it is a rough draft that's not been tagged yet.
The logo is a remix of the classic Elm tangram as a brick / building block, representing the craft of Elm. The gradient is a shoutout to the Elm blue as an origin, graduating into different shades representing the vibrancy of community projects built on top of it. It was designed by
Carla Kuchel


Here are the current Elm lovers behind Elmcraft!

Mario - Groundskeeper

Mario runs the
Elm Online
Elm London
meetups, co-founded
Elm Camp
, has spoken at
Elm Conferences
, and is currently working on
. He founded Elmcraft to promote and facilitate the wealth of projects, initiatives, knowledge, and people in the Elm community. He'd deeply appreciate it if you'd consider
supporting his work directly


Thanks to the following people for their contributions and support:
If you're interested in contributing, join the
#contribute channel on Discord