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Planted Feb 4, 2021 - Last tended May 23, 2022


Fast paced and ethereal conversation! Over 20,000 users.
The #beginner's channel is very active and full of kind people.
Longer form and persistent conversation. You will find all posts are in one of 3 categories:


Use this category if you trying to figure something out and want to ask a question. This is a great place for beginners, too!

Request Feedback

Use this category when you want to get feedback on ideas, packages, APIs, writing drafts, code snippets, etc.

Show and Tell

Use this category when you want to show off something you’ve made.



- for anyone who wants to discuss crafting with Elm! A good place to discuss/hang out/do video chats during Elm Online events. Sharing and discussing good Elm resources is welcome.
Incremental Elm
– The Incremental Elm Community Chat is a place for Elm Open Source creators and contributors to coordinate, collaborate, share, and celebrate work to further the Elm ecosystem.


Elm France



on Reddit. Note: not as active, tone on Reddit can often be rather negative